Do you think some ghosts can be "good"?

Discuss ghost stories and haunting events from your real life experience or events that you've heard about.
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Do you think some ghosts can be "good"?

Post by blaqcrow »

This is something I have never really heard anyone suggest or believe. It makes me wonder where the story of Casper the Friendly Ghost came from.

Surely some people out there believe this or have experiences with this.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: Do you think some ghosts can be "good"?

Post by jasmine »

I do not have any ghost encounters, I have never met friendly ghosts or deadly ghosts. However, I believe some ghosts can be really good. In fact, I have heard a lot of stories of good ghosts that have helped people. Sometimes these stories are being told by people that I cannot doubt.
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Re: Do you think some ghosts can be "good"?

Post by jeremydeth »

I think ghosts are resemblances of people that once lived before. So, yes, I do think there can be good and bad ghosts and also neutral ghosts
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Re: Do you think some ghosts can be "good"?

Post by Mildredtabitha »

Anything that is called a "ghost" is really not good. All those are spirits and you should test them so you can know which spirits are from God and which one are from the devil.

Don't mess around with spiritual entities. You could put your life in danger or eternal damnation.
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