The Devil of Detroit: Legend of the Nain Rouge

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The Devil of Detroit: Legend of the Nain Rouge

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The Nain Rouge is a small child-like creature that is sometimes described as a dwarf or a gnome and is seen as a bad omen in Detroit, USA.

‘Nain Rogue’ can be translated roughly to ‘red dwarf’ or ‘red gnome’ in French and witnesses in Detroit often report seeing this elusive creature before disasters. In France the Nain Rouge is referred to more as mythical creature similar to a goblin or leprechaun.

The origin of the Nain Rouge in Detroit can be traced back to the very first western settler of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac back in 1701 who is said to have attacked the Nain Rouge upon sight which resulted in a chain of unfortunate events to fall upon him. Since this first account the Nain Rouge has been associated with many disaster up to present day.

Descriptions of the Nain Rouge are vague but most run the common theme of a small man or child-like figure with fur boots that can be either red or black, protruding rotten teeth and intense red eyes. ... ain-rouge/
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Re: The Devil of Detroit: Legend of the Nain Rouge

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I have yet to see anything like this. I have seen familiar spirits and cloaked figures but nothing like this. I suspect some of them are demons but some may also be failed experiments humans did in the past. Who knows!
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