Ex-Navy officer: 'Underwater UFOs jeopardize US maritime security'

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Ex-Navy officer: 'Underwater UFOs jeopardize US maritime security'

Post by staarker »

A retired rear admiral has expressed concerns over UFOs that have the ability to transition from air to water.
In a new report, retired rear admiral Tim Gallaudet of the US Navy has outlined his concerns that UFOs shown to be capable of seamlessly transitioning from air to water represent a clear and urgent threat to maritime security.

One example of such an object, which was originally filmed by a serviceman aboard the USS Omaha in 2019 after it buzzed a US Navy fleet off the coast of San Diego, was made public by UFO researcher Jeremy Corbell two years ago before being confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon.

In the footage (see below), the object seemed to enter the water without even making a splash.


"The fact that unidentified objects with unexplainable characteristics are entering US water space and the DOD is not raising a giant red flag is a sign that the government is not sharing all it knows about all-domain anomalous phenomena," Galludet wrote.

"Pilots, credible observers and calibrated military instrumentation have recorded objects accelerating at rates and crossing the air-sea interface in ways not possible for anything made by humans."

"To meet the security and scientific challenges, transmedium UAP and USOs should be elevated to national ocean research priorities."

To date, official reports into the UFO (or UAP) phenomenon have stopped short of suggesting that these objects are extraterrestrial in origin, but note that they do pose potential security concerns.

Exactly what these objects are or who is controlling them, however, remains unclear.

https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/n ... e-security

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Re: Ex-Navy officer: 'Underwater UFOs jeopardize US maritime security'

Post by crazy_nut »

I've been hearing stories about UFOs coming out of the ocean for years now. Is the US doing any real investigations about this issue?... I surely hope so!!!
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