Mysterious ‘Force Gun’ May Be China’s Most Frightening Space Weapon

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Mysterious ‘Force Gun’ May Be China’s Most Frightening Space Weapon

Post by staarker »

Chinese researchers claim they have developed what the media is terming a ‘force gun’ that purportedly uses magnetic plasma rings to manipulate distant objects in space, almost reminiscent of ways the Jedi in the Star Wars film franchise use the force to move objects with their mind.

Little information is available about the mystery weapon, but if it exists, it could theoretically be used to capture enemy spacecraft, alter their orbits, or even cause spacecraft to crash into each other, all from a safe distance.

Tractor Beams And The Future of War in Space

In science fiction, capturing an enemy spacecraft often involves turning on the ‘tractor beam’ and hauling them in. But in the real world, where the real estate of low earth orbit is becoming increasingly contested, such technology does not exist.

In recent years, researchers have gotten closer, including creating devices that use lasers and sound waves to manipulate distant objects without coming in contact with them. Still, those technologies mostly exist in the laboratory setting, and any practical applications in space warfare do not appear imminent.

Now, according to a report from the South China Morning Post, a team of Chinese researchers working for the National University of Defense Technology says they have invented a device that can manipulate objects from a distance without any direct contact, potentially marking a critical advancement in space warfare technology. ... ce-weapon/

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Re: Mysterious ‘Force Gun’ May Be China’s Most Frightening Space Weapon

Post by davemre »

More and more every day it seems that we are getting closer to the movies of science fiction. I just hope that mankind has the wisdom to use these technologies for the greater of mankind and not the stupidity to destroy us all.
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