HAARP research campaign will create artificial aurora over Alaska

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HAARP research campaign will create artificial aurora over Alaska

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Residents of Alaska and visitors to the state will have a unique opportunity to observe an artificial glow in the sky created as part of the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).

This exciting research campaign, which begins November 11, will be conducted by a team of scientists from prestigious institutions such as the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Cornell University, the University of Colorado Denver, the University of Florida and Georgia Tech. The experiments will focus on the ionosphere, the region of the atmosphere between 30 and 350 miles above the Earth’s surface.

One of the main objectives of this research campaign is to study the ionospheric mechanisms that cause optical emission. Scientists are particularly interested in studying how some plasma waves can amplify other very low-frequency waves. They will also study how satellites can use plasma waves in the ionosphere to detect and avoid collisions.

The HAARP ionospheric survey instrument, consisting of a phased array of 180 high-frequency antennas spread over 33 acres, will play a critical role in creating artificial airglow. https://anomalien.com/haarp-research-ca ... er-alaska/

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