Thunderbird (Native American)

The discussion of cryptozoology - the study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals (such as Sasquatch) usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence
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Thunderbird (Native American)

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Thunderbirds are essentially big birds—big, terrifying birds. According to George M. Eberhart’s seminal Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology, the wingspan of a thunderbird can be as much as 70 feet. For comparison, the largest bird in North America, the California condor, has a wingspan of 10 feet. The largest bird in the world, the wandering albatross, has a wingspan of 12 feet. You have to go to prehistoric times to find a larger bird: Some teratorns had wingspans of 20 feet. Thunderbirds are bigger than some planes.
Source - ... ptid-ocker

I have not heard much about them. Only recently did I read up on them and they sound fascinating. The thought of a bird that is 70 feet in size flying around int he night sky is terrifying!

I have to wonder though, could this be the result of Native Americans seeing the future and seeing airplanes or maybe time travelers with planes in the past?

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